Programm and Database

Complete electromagnetic absorption spectrum of a condensed substance


I. The survey scale of the multifrequency electromagnetic spectrum.
II. The representable soft-ware products:
   1. Program "SPECTRA" (demoversion and basic version).
   2. Electronic Data Base (demoversion and basic version).
III. Abstract of the program "SPECTRA" and electronic "Data Base".
IV. The conditions of a propagation of the program "SPECTRA" and the active electronic "Data Base".
V. The examples of the fragments of the spectra:
   -Fig. 1. Electric spectrum of the single crystal silicon.
   -Fig. 2. Electric spectrum of the crystalline gallium arsenide.
   -Fig. 3. Dielectric spectrum of the sapphire.
   -Fig. 4. Dielectric spectrum of the distilled water.
VI. The basic fields of an application of the program product "SPECTRA" and the filling active electronic "Date Base":
   1.Scientific and applied investigations of a substance.
   2. An extension of functional possibilities in research and use of a number of physical processes and phenomena.
   3. The applied fields of use of the program "SPECTRA" and the electronic Data Base.
VII. Diversification of the "SPECTRA" in the traditional fields of a spectroscopy.
VIII. The terms and conventional symbols in the algorithm of the program "SPECTRA".
IX. The structural scheme of the program "SPECTRA" and the electronic "Data Base".
X. The demonstration version of the program "SPECTRA" and "Data Base" ("freeware").

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